Photographs Requested

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Subtotal: $20
- Additional Fee: $ 0

Total: $20


Billing Information

Full credit must accompany each image as follows:
Either: [Collection name], Brooklyn Collection, Brooklyn Public Library
Or:       [Collection name], Brooklyn Collection, Brooklyn Museum/Brooklyn Public Library
(The correct credit line may be found by referring to the “cite as” line of the catalog record. If in doubt, please contact Brooklyn Collection staff.)

Any subsequent use of the photograph(s) described above must be requested in writing. Additional fees will apply. The photograph(s) described above may not be loaned, sold or given to any commercial agency, person or organization. In permitting the use of the photograph(s), the Brooklyn Public Library-Brooklyn Collection does not surrender its own rights to use or grant others permission to use the photographs. A copy of the work containing the photograph(s) must be provided without charge to the Brooklyn Public Library-Brooklyn Collection.

In requesting a copy In requesting a copy In requesting a copy In requesting a copy In requesting a copy In requesting a copy of the photographs described above, the end user assumes all responsibility for any copyright infringement that may arise through the use of the requested copies and agrees to hold harmless the Brooklyn Public Library-Brooklyn Collection from any action involving infringement of the rights of an author or his or her heirs or descendants in common law or under statutory copyright.